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  • 20 October 2023

For its last edition in 2023, gavel&block is shining a light on two of Manila’s legendary icons - society columnist and bon vivant Maurice Arcache, and fashion trailblazer Pepito Albert.

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Salcedo Stories
  • 8 September 2023

Ignited passions. Heightened senses. Deepened connection with art. This is the essence of Salcedo Auctions’ 'The Well-Appointed Life,' September edition.

The Gift of Carlos “Botong” Francisco
  • 8 September 2023

Discover the legacy of Carlos 'Botong' Francisco through "Ang Aguinaldo," a rare early masterpiece that captures Philippine culture and history.

Mariano Benlliure, Bust of Juan Luna y Novicio, Bronze, Mold: 1884, Cast: c. 1920
  • 5 September 2023

‘The Well-Appointed Life’ unveils a one-of-a-kind bust of Filipino painter and hero Juan Luna y Novicio by Spanish sculptor Mariano Benlliure.

SAStories-2023-0714-Whats A No Reserve Auction
  • 14 July 2023

gavel&block ‘art+design’ July edition introduces the ‘No Reserve’ bidding section. What’s in it for starting and expanding collectors?

SAStories-2023-0705-Ferdie Montemayor
  • 5 July 2023

Salcedo Private View launches ‘Play,’ the highly anticipated second solo exhibition of contemporary artist Ferdie Montemayor.

SAStories-2023-0601-From the Skies to the Seas
  • 1 June 2023

The perfect description of Don Alfredo Carmelo was that he was the Filipino Renaissance man of the 20th century.

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